Brockwell Hall and Stables successful Round 2 submission to the National Heritage Lottery Fund

The Round 2 Delivery Phase bid for the restoration and renovation of Brockwell Hall has been awarded a £3.3m grant by the NLHF in May 2021 toward the £6.3m project. It is expected to open in Spring 2023 as a new venue for weddings, conferences, community events and a new café .

MTW was part of a multi-disciplinary team managed by Lambeth Council which undertook the Business Planning consultancy for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 NLHF Lottery Applications for this regeneration project in Lambeth.

‘ We’ve already had a chat back in March but I’d also like to say, for Dan’s record, that it’s been a great pleasure working with you. Both Jo and I really appreciated your insight, guidance, such thorough research and attention to detail, and just the right kind of perspective on all things Brockwell, short- and long-term. ‘